Monday, 14 January 2013

Designs and Inspirations

I seem to spend quite a bit of time on various handmade websites and I often wonder how other crafters and artists go about designing- what inspires them and what processes do they go through to get to the finished piece?

I usually let the beads lead me. I'll choose a focal bead or two, then have a good old rummage through my bead box for similar or contrasting colours. I usually have in my mind the type of piece I am creating- a bracelet, necklace, earrings. I play with the beads and put aside any that don't fit with the overall look. Once I have laid my beads out in a pleasing design I decide how they will be connected- will it be a chain, waxed cotton, wire linked? Then it will be measured, including clasps etc. My eagerness to start making has often resulted in a bracelet that has ended up too big, or a necklace that doesn't sit where I want it to so measuring before starting is important.

Designing A Loveliness of Ladybirds

Watching a nature programme I learnt that the collective name for a group of ladybirds is a "loveliness of ladybirds". I was inspired then to make something using a red Czech ladybird bead I have had in my bead box for a while and as I love making bracelets I thought I would design one around the ladybird.

After rummaging and sorting I laid my design out in different ways.

My favourite is the mixed green and red one.

Sometimes things don't go to plan and I wasn't really loving any of them enough to make it, so I decided to see how it would look as a necklace.

Feeling happier with this I set about making, wire wrapping the beads to the chain to make it strong.
 Once finished I always look to see if it needs any extra embellishment. In this case I bought some tiny red ladybirds to replace the white ones and added a little red bell flower above the ladybird.

And here is my loveliness of ladybirds.

beady daze

What are your inspirations and design processes? 


  1. Your nature inspired jewellery is beautiful I especially like the first one as I like the red and white with a tiny hint of black on white.


  2. Great bracelets. What a fab name - A loveliness of Ladybirds!
    Shirley x

  3. It`s always interesting to know what inspires others. I usually start out with a vague idea in mind and often end up with something completely different.
    Very pretty creations.


  4. Me too Linda!

    Thanks to all for commenting :)